Wedding Options

Our most popular options are below. Customizations available.

Join the hundreds of couples also in pursuit of a film that redefines what a wedding film can be. We can’t wait to discover your desires, your hopes, dreams and love. We want the opportunity to tell the best story we have ever told, to raise the bar, together.

How do we do this? Before we ever pack out our cinematic toolkit with drones, Steadicams, sliders, and high end cameras, the bedrock of our custom storytelling approach – for those couples adventurous enough – is a call with you well ahead of wedding day. It’s designed to uncover your unique story and light the way on how to best capture it during our time together.

Hollywood Movies don’t just launch into production without proper groundwork, neither should your wedding event and film! Of course, we are experts at shooting all the most important moments of a wedding day and making up a story in post production, so we’ve got you covered if you want that!

Cinematic Films for Weddings

Cinematic Film for Elopements

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Let’s connect, discuss your vision, and see what options work best. Once we have a little more information about your event, we’ll be able to get accurate pricing out to you. We typically book up to a year in advance so be sure to reach out early in your planning process to ensure we have your date available.