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We were approached by MedTerra, a CBD brand to create a short film of four-time Olympic medalist (including gold) Julia Mancuso. There were few restrictions place on us, except that it was supposed to be a compelling story and that it should touch on her commitment to healthy living.

We spent several days in creative development, finding out out through a series of pre-interviews with the protagonist and her closest friends and family where the story wanted to take us.

In the process we developed five keywords that would set the tenure and tone for the film overall and instruct our creative decisions in production and post. In addition, we drafted story boards that outlined the general plot structure and story arc.

On already our first go-around presenting to the client, we received sign-off and were green lighted to head into production.

The crew consisted of 4 of us, including director, director of photography, photographer, as well as audio. We chose a RED Helium camera package with Zeiss cine lenses, including a MoviPro.

NOTE: The film is still in development and the the preview below is not the final version.