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Stephan Boeker

creative director, cinematographer

Bio / Artist Statement:

Yeah, I pretty much ruined dinner and landed in the parental doghouse with just a few words one night as a sophomoric teenager.

“Dad, did you ever consider that rules are meant to be broken?”

The blowback was so swift and so intense from my conservative German parents that the words have been part of my story ever since.

Professionally I have applied this mantra to blow up the wedding film genre box in Hawaii by bringing story structure elements to the films and working outside of the cookie-cutter norm.

Since graduating from Muse Film School, I have begun applying it to commercial and documentary work here in Hawaii. The nexus of Pacific Story Tellers is to be the go-to Hawaii production team for brands seeking to leverage story to connect with their target audience.

Reece Pottorff

cinematographer, sound

  • Location sound work for Oprah, Good morning America, Google, Columbia and VRBO. 
  • Filmed music legend Brian Johnson (singer of AC/DC) and Mick Fleetwod for Brians “life on the road” travel show. 
  • Filmed former Poet Laurette W.S Merwin for the documentary “Even though the whole world 
  • Assisted the VFX team of jurassic world on location at a remote waterfall on Maui’s lush east side
  • Assisted Gordon Ramsay’s Camera team in Hana for his new show Uncharted. 

Quincy Dein

director of photography, editor

Bio / Artist Statement:

Growing up on the beautiful island of Maui has gifted me with a deep love for adventure and the outdoors. If there is anywhere I would rather be, it is in the ocean.  When I am not behind the lens, I enjoy surfing, diving, kiteboarding, hiking, and traveling.  As a photographer, I feel successful when the person viewing one of my images takes a moment to rethink what is possible.

Tools of choice as DP: 

  • Red Helium
  • Zeiss Cine Lenses
  • Movi
  • Water Housing
  • DJI Inspire 2 Cinema

Gianna Cullen

cinematographer, editor, colorist

Gianna Cullen grew up in Ohio until her passion for filmmaking brought her to NYC where she earned her BFA in Film from Pratt Institute. Since then, she has moved to Maui where she currently works as a camera operator on feature films, as well as an editor and colorist.

Gianna’s short film “Ten to Twenty” premiered at the Greenpoint Film Festival (2019), and her documentary “Beneath the Surface” was selected to screen as part of the 2021 Maui Film Festival.

As a female filmmaker, Gianna hopes to bring a unique perspective to the films she shoots and edits. She believes that you don’t always need the most expensive camera or the biggest crew, just an honest story that can connect with others.

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