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The brief by MedTerra was simple: tell a story about 5-time Olympic medalist (including 1 gold, 2 silvers and 2 bronze)  that is true to who she is. 

The deliverables would be, among other things: 

  • one main hero asset;
  • 5 micro social edits each just 15-40 seconds long;
  • lifestyle images;
  • rough behind the scenes pics.

Suffice it to say, this is our dream when a client has seen our previous work, understands that we are expert storytellers who do more than just point the camera at something and press record, and leave it to US to find, develop and produce excellent films that SAY SOMETHING.

Of course, we let them in on the process by presenting our creative milestones (high level brief, story keywords, and storyboards) and getting their sign-off at each stage. It was not all together a surprise when no revisions ever came back either in pre-production, production or post; we aim to understand our clients and THEN go through the creative storytelling process. 

We are very proud of what we created for MedTerra and watch on in delight as these assets move the business needle for them. 

The Hero Asset – A Short Film 

Micro Film Assets

Behind the Scenes