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If You're a Hawaii-Based Brand Looking to Grow

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Want to know more before speaking with us?

What happens on this call?

You’ll meet with Stephan for 20 minutes to discuss your company, your brand, and your vision. Having worked with big and small brands alike, we know exactly what it takes to drive meaningful story, BUT make it results-driven.

That’s a difficult merge to create in the real world, but we’ve mastered that science of story and results.

For your company, ideally that means more sales, more referrals, and more repeat customers.

So you’ll meet with Stephan and build out a strategy plan.

If it makes sense for us to proceed further and bring your vision to reality, then we’ll build something together.

If we looked to work with you beyond the Audit Report, how much does any of this cost?

The straightforward answer is: we don’t know.

It entirely depends on your organization’s requirements and the aspirations you have in the world.

If you’re seeking a comprehensive collection of hero assets, complemented by numerous social style posts, it’s different compared to merely crafting a basic awareness video.

The key distinction is that you’re acquiring a tailor-made solution from a company that operates at high levels of filmmaking efficiently and responsibly that is designed to achieve business results. What those results are worth to you depends entirely on the scale. A national Starbucks campaign will have much higher requirements than a local mom & pop coffee shop.

What happens after we receive the free Audit Report?

For us to leave the shallows and dive into the deep end of your brand, we will want to get on a discovery call (preferably zoom) in which we discuss:

  • your challenges,
  • your needs,
  • your opportunities,
  • your biggest domino that if you identified it and then pushed it over would have a MASSIVE downstream effect on the entire business.

From there the Pacific Storytellers team convenes, carefully dissects what was shared on the call and  creates a presentation proposal tailored to your needs. Then we get on another zoom call in which we present to you the path forward.

Then our 4-stage science-backed storytelling process can begin (which we will of course share with you).