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Our Process

Taking the Mystery Out of Film Production

The Power of Story

Story — even a compact 30-60 second story — more than just pretty images on a screen or a rational recount of product benefits, has the ability to move people emotionally, shift perspectives and inspire action.

Through our affinity to identify with a character and be transported into their world, science has shown that the same parts of the brain light up in a viewing audience as do to the person actually experiencing that very thing. So whether it happens to you or you merely watch it happen to someone else, the effect on the brain is the same. We feel the same thing.

And when we FEEL something, we are more likely to find the rational reasons to then DO something, whether that’s donate, sign-up, buy, contact, or pick up the phone. 

So if you believe your business has something of value to people, then it’s incumbent on you to communicate in a way that inspires a feeling of connection, which in turn will motivate action.

To hit this high bar of emotionally moving content that moves your prospects and/ or clients to action, we work according to a meticulous process that ensures we don’t lose that goal through the process from conception to delivery.


Our Process

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We believe that the first step of any great story is to listen. A business that approaches us is not just looking for “a video”, but rather a solution to a business challenge. This is why we first need to let your story move us and is the reason we spend a great deal of time on the preproduction process.

We start by understanding you, your business goals, the challenges you are facing, your employees, associates, your clientele, your product or service, and the context that surrounds it all.

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Our emotions as a viewing audience are stirred and we are moved to action when we identify with a strong character. Recall your favorite movie of all time: did it have a dud for a protagonist? Chances are: no.

It is one person’s journey that moves us. This is why we talk to many people. We aim to find the right person that has a strong story to tell, a story that is in alignment with your brand’s goals, that will touch your audience emotionally and drive them to action.

The deliverable here comes in the form of character briefs for the strongest candidates we could find.

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In this milestone we develop a series of 5 Story Keywords. These are a tangible representation of our objective for the film that considers the tone, outcome, and unique facets of this story. They also instruct the technical decisions that are made in the production phase.

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Even in the case of a shorter social media spot, it is important to still leverage the power of story structure. 

Here we share how the story will come together in a set of storyboards. This will outline the story structure (plot), along with the places we’ll use to visually bring the story to life.

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This is the part of the process most clients will recognize: the production. This is where we head into the field to bring the storyboards to life. With a clear objective and story structure in place, we’ll look to capture in an intentional way.

Leveraging our network of creatives, we bring the outlined vision to life.

Everything we do will serve a purpose and be managed from beginning to end.

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Our final step is to bring the film together inpost-production. This stage comes together rather quickly because of the intention weaved throughout the process up until now.


We Can Help Your Business

Now that you know that there is process that backs how we work with you, as well as what goes in to making films with story and emotional impact, go ahead and connect with us to discuss ways how we help you grow your business.